ModiCare Well Strong & Smart (Children Nutritional Drink ) Chocolate


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Children’s health has always been a core concern of parents, especially when they are at a fast growing age. Due to improper eating habits arising out of fast paced life and fussy eating habits, children tend to miss out on the nutrients essential for their healthy growth. Bringing a relief to every parent, Modicare, India’s leading direct selling company introduces a new dietary health supplement Well Strong & Smart for kids. The nutritional drink mix contains 37 vital nutrients for growing children that helps in bridging any nutritional gap. Modicare Well Strong & Smart comes with a balanced mix of milk protein, vitamins & minerals, DHA, Colostrum, FOS, to support building and retaining muscle tissue and overall growth, maintenance and repair of the body, support brain development and functioning and help strengthen immunity. It also supports digestive health and provides all 9 essential Amini Acids (EAA). This unique formula makes Well Strong & Smart the perfect supplement to fill the nutrition gaps that can arise out of a child’s fussy eating behavior. Modicare Well Strong & Smart is available in the all time favourite Chocolate flavor that is loved by kids!