Vigrumex (Capsule+Oil+Prash)


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DOSE: One capsule in daily morning. One capsules in daily afternoon. One spoon Prash Aprox 5g before sex. Oil: Two times in a day Morning & Night.

AVOID: Oily Foods.

30 cap.+ 50ml oil + 50 gm prash



Sex is very important part in the life which is provided by the nature. It is helpful for develop the next generation by both humans as well as species. There are many Granths written on sex such as Cock Shastra and Kaam Sutra etc. But today’s time is very complex. Every person is busy in his/her work. He/she is under depression or tensions. First of all, the life of every person starts with the education and then struggling for make his/her carrier. In his time, the person does not focus on his/her diet. On the other side, the diet is not pure because of the many chemicals are prevailing in it. By the using of this type of diet, there are many problems facing in the sex especially with the causes pf i.e. depression and tension. Lack of quality is another aspect in the diet.

  1. Vigrumax is helpful to increase the sexual relationship.
  2.  Vigrumax is helpful to increase the excitement in sexual relationship.
  3. Vigrumax is helpful for blood-circulation as well as strong power in the sexual relationship.
  4. It is helpful to away from disease like tension & depression. It is helpful in increase the thickness of the sperm as well as semen.
  5. Vigrumax is helpful to away from drugs & from bad manners.
  6. It is useful to away from white blood cells in the urine.
  7. There is no any side effect of the Vigrumax on the human body &  it is also useful for any age group.It uses in any season.

NOTE: The diabetes patients use the capsules as well as oil from this kit..


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