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It shows good results by taking with cumin water. Garuile should be taken in to use one teaspoon  while sleeping at night.

30 cap. + 100gm Granules         



Obesity is a serious topic in today’s life healthy & fit people are found in a fen. It all depends upon our life style very few people care about there health now a days every person has trash there stomach every eatable thing has been thrown out. The food is that is prepared in kitchen. In every house, there are thin & fat people. Diet of every house is different from each other & fast food has been consumed in a lot. In today’s busy & hard life, people does not exercise, yoga & walk. Obesity in human being start due to lack of read work. Soin a very less age, obesity begins like after obesity a lot of illness begins like B.P., Diabetes, Thyroid, Heart Attack chance get starts. There are two kind of thyroid one is body thin thyroid & other is body thyroid.

Its treatment should be done through doctor’s suggestion. A Tummy Trimmer product is introduced from Rich & Rise that works a lot to reduce obesity. There is no any side effect of Tummy Trimmer. It reduces weight in 8-10 kg within a month that is wrong. It create a lot of diseases in body. It reduces of patient’s good fat that reduces patient’s glow. Muscles become weak & body gets shivered & dose motions & womaning get start har paithi make treatment & treatment done by watching the symptoms of paithiyan or alopathiyan doctors do treatment by watching the symptoms but human beings take days.

There is no need to dating for obesity patients. Obesity should consume positive fatless diet. A tummy trimmer is ready from (by) rich & rise. A  capsule named garuile is to be ready. This capsule has to be consumed twice in a day and before one hour from taking diet or eating food.


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