Noni (Concentrated Noni Drops)


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Dose : 15 to 20 Drops with water (Empty Stomach)



Noni fruit is very useful for human beings which gives a protection from many diseases. Noni juice takes direct from noni fruit and then it is ready for use in a form of Rich/Rise noni drops which look like as a thick form than other juice and then change into an extect form. It is very useful than noni juice. Its doses takes less than the noni juice. It is also helpful for detoxified to human body.

Those who needs this fruit:- Arthritis – Blood – Pressure – Heart Diseases – Cancer – Depression – Pimples – Asthma and Cough – Strong Digestion – Diabetes – Joint Pains – Acidity/Stomach Pain – Aids -Fatty Acids – Skin Diseases – Blood Circulation.

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