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  • Do not eat much food in a time.
  • Do not eat sweet fruits such as banana. mango & grapes etc.
  • After every 2 hours, sugar free diet should be eaten.

NOTE : It is very important for diabetes patients exercise daily.



Today, Diabetes is a common disease. Adult people as well as children are suffering from the disease of diabetes. Many time ago the person who was 40-50 years old, he was suffered from diabetes. But slowly-slowly the time has been changed & the people also changed. Their life style & eating habits also changed. Even this disease is also spreading in children.

Sometime there are many questions in our mind such as:

How Diabetes is born?

What is cause?

How it is impact on our body?

CAUSES OF DIABETES :- You know very well that when the Pan Cries Granthi don’t working well then the diabetes disease prevails in the person. Although there are many other causes of diabetes but Pan Cries Granthi is the biggest cause of it.

THE WORK OF PAN CRIES GRANTHI :- There are two types of Harmonize in the Pan Cries Granthi. The insulin taunt formed by these harmonizes which is helpful in control the sugar in our body.

A diabetes person faces many problems such as:

  • He/she feels weakness in the body.
  • He/she wants more water for drink.
  • His/her weight starts loose.
  • If any lesion occur on the body of the diabetes person, it takes many time for recover.
  • So, it is very important for a diabetes person to concentrate on his/her diet schedule. Eat sugar free diet.

There are two types of diabetes. Diabetes is a generational disease. The main causes of its spreading are:

Fatness-Lack of cleanliness in surrounding-Bad eating habits

For this disease by Rich & Rise a Daiba Vit & Fit product made.

  • In the condition of diabetes, the patient should not be eaten sweet fruits, glucose & sugar.

If the diabetes patient does not take precautions at proper time, many of the other disease are occur, on the other  side the body of the patient faces weakness. So, Diaba Vit & Fit fulfills the all minerals to the body & also useful for control the sugar in the body.

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