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Ayu-Cal is an Ayurvedic medicine which is totally a mixture.. There is no any side effect of this medicine.

DOSE : 1-2 capsule one time with water or milk a day.

30 Capsules



Calcium is very important for our body. It is one of the minerals which makes our body strong and fit. It is also good for our bones as well as teeth’s. It is helpful for control the muscles of our body. The maximum strengths of the calcium prevails in our body. It has 99% in our bones and teeth’s and 1% in our blood, muscles and other parts of the body.

At the time of growing age, it should be very important to take calcium. Without calcium the bones will be weak as well as cracked. At this time the possibility of Asteroartharatis disease is also prevailed.With the this disease joint pains pains starts. On the other side the lower level quality of the calcium disturbs our digest system. Even this type of calcium makes a huge group of stones in our body.



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